What Is The Advantage Of Using SDK in AI Technology?

What Is The Advantage Of Using SDK in AI Technology?

What Is The Advantage Of Using SDK in AI Technology?

AI technology has taken off over the past year. While many discussions center around ChatGPT, some of the most critical developments in AI can be seen with mobile devices.

Android, in particular, is one of the most popular smartphones that 2.5 billion people worldwide use. David Curry of Business of Apps points out that the market for Android apps is massive since around 75% of all smartphone users have Androids. As a result, more developers are creating powerful apps that use AI technology to meet the needs of their users.

However, creating user-friendly and effective mobile apps takes work. Leading mobile app development, businesses face challenges in developing apps that keep up with evolving technology. 

Therefore, if you plan on creating AI apps for Android devices, you should ensure you use the right tools. And in this regard, the Android SDK is definitely helpful. 

What Are the Benefits of Using SDKs When Developing AI Apps for Android Devices

There are several significant benefits of using SDKs to create AI applications for Android devices. Some of the biggest benefits are listed below.

Faster Development and Deployment

Only 0.5% of apps are successful. One of the many reasons apps don’t succeed is that they need to be developed more quickly. If you take too long to deploy your app, competitors will create better ones and steal your market share. Fortunately, SDKs can help you bring your app to market more quickly.

AI developers only have time to code some tools from scratch, primarily since the average Android app uses around 18.2 third-party SDKs. Android SDK comes with libraries and development tools to speed up the process. For example, Facebook’s Android SDK toolkit can be used to obtain code that works for Android devices, saving time and effort. In addition, building an SDK for your product can give other developers the same efficiency when bridging your product with their apps.

Better Security

AI technology has done many things. But, unfortunately, getting rid of security concerns is not one of them.

App security is becoming increasingly important as the number of data breaches worldwide continues to rise. Unfortunately, Android apps are known for having massive security issues. An estimated 60% of Android apps have at least one security flaw, and the average app has 39.

Using an SDK gives you control over your interface’s interaction with other apps. This control lets you regulate third-party processes to your advantage. For example, you can customize your app’s appearance and usability even after it’s been published. This includes redesigning the color scheme or tailoring it to customer feedback. SDKs also secure mobile apps against cyber-attacks and fraud, giving publishers more confidence in their safety.

Access Valuable Open-Source Tools

Apps that use sophisticated AI technology tend to have much more complex code. Installing an SDK on your platform provides documentation and code samples. This saves time and money searching for answers elsewhere. 

These features can reduce the risk of going over budget during app development. In addition, pre-made SDKs give access to knowledge from other developers and decrease the sales cycle.

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