Analytics Release for MangoMap

Maptiks and MangoMap have announced the integration of user engagement analytics with MangoMap’s web map applications. Without any coding required, it is now possible to view in-depth analytics with key metrics on usability, performance and a visitor’s interaction with a MangoMap application. You can learn more about Maptiks at and MangoMap at

Will Cadell, CEO of Maptiks spoke about the integration: “MangoMap has grown its user base significantly over the past year, and we love their platform. We believe in making it easier for everyone to build beautiful maps that tell interesting stories. And MangoMap is a great tool to do just that, without having to actually write any code. Moreover, we’ve had many customers ask about getting an integration done with MangoMap, so as of today all MangoMap users can easily start tracking their visitors interactions.”

Analytics have become a critical tool to have in a geospatial developers toolbox over the last few years. Previously MangoMap only provided an integration with Google Analytics, but many of their users were requesting data regarding visitor interactions, something Google Analytics couldn’t provide. They turned to Maptiks to help.

Maptiks is purposefully built for web map applications. This allows it to track visitors and events on the map itself, allowing for more in-depth analysis. It provides user activity analytics for most modern web mapping platforms. Helping answer key design and U/X questions like “how and where are users interacting with a web map.”

About Maptiks

Maptiks, is a startup based out of Prince George, BC. Founded by Will Cadell, Maptiks is built by Sparkgeo, a geospatial web company with over a decade of experience in the GIS & Technology industries. Working with clients like Nextdoor, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Map My Fitness, Sparkgeo has built Maptiks to measure how users interact with web maps increasing map conversions so they can #buildabettermap.

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