Self Service Set To Change Dynamics Of Data Analytics

With the rising significance of data governance, Data Analytics has become one of the game changing technologies and has witnessed continuous increase in its adoption across industries.India is currently among the top 10 big data analytics markets in the world and according to market estimates, by 2025, the big data analytics sector in India is expected to grow to $16 billion. This presents immense prospects to BI and Data Analytics companies, who intend to leverage the business potentials in the Indian market.

US based Data Analytics and visualization solution provider Tableau Software is very excited to tap the market opportunity in India. The company, which commenced its operations in the country in 2014, has been consistently expanding its customer base and reach. In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Deepak Ghodke, Country Manager, Tableau India, talks about the trends that are disrupting the BI and Data Analytics market in India. Ghodke also reveals Tableau’s product roadmap and the company’s go to market pitch in the country.

CXOToday: Please explain Tableau’s market presence in India. Which are your key focus verticals in the country?

Deepak Ghodke: In India, we are present in all the verticals that use data analytics for better productivity. India is one of the strategic markets for Tableau and we have been investing in this market since 2014. Initially, we started with a team of four people and now we have about 40 employees supporting the India business. We will continue to expand and invest in our resources to expand our reach in the country.

We have a strong presence in the verticals like Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing etc. Some of our clients in India are Marico, Honeywell, HDFC Bank, Lenovo, Infosys, Wipro, Ashok Leyland, Eveready, BlueOcean Technologies, Star Health and Allied Insurance, CRIF High Mark and eClerx etc. We will continue to grow and expand our customer base and invest in this market as we truly believe that India is a very crucial market for Tableau at a global level.

CXOToday: According to a recent report by NASSCOM, the big data analytics sector in India is expected to grow to $16 billion by 2025. What are the key trends do you observe in the BI sector in India?

Deepak Ghodke: Data analytics has become an integral part of organizations’ growth story and we are witnessing a continuous increase in its adoption across industries. Organizations need to have better ability to do data preparation and data analytics. When I say analytics, it is not just about the dashboard, but the ability to ask questions. Today, CIOs do not want to curate data; they want to set up servers and give their business users applications, so that they can answer their queries. So the trend of Self service will continue to grow. Companies will continue to embrace technologies that make data analytics easy for them.

On top of that trend there are other things such as Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) that are set to disrupt the industry. Software makers in our space have always thought of visualization. Tableau never believed only in visualization. For us visualization is just an outcome and we are pursuing that in our thought process. At Tableau, we will continue our mission to help people see and understand their data and fulfil their data analytics requirements.

CXOToday: What kind of thrust do you give on R&D and technology innovations? What new innovations you are brining into your upcoming offerings?

Deepak Ghodke: Tableau does one of the largest investments in R&D than any other company in the enterprise analytics space. We invest around 25 percent of our revenue back in the R&D efforts. We have a long stream of innovations that we are working on and we are bringing a lot of technology innovations in the areas of Data capabilities, Scale, Linux, Enterprise scalability, Smart analytics, Cloud and Mobility.

Enterprise software on Linux has been a dream and Tableau is probably is the only company to make it happen. Linux naturally be more scalable so customers will see a lot of scalability in terms of users, accounts and frequencies etc. This will also cut down the infrastructure costs of the companies on premise or cloud. This is a big innovation and we believe this will open up doors to the business segments that we haven’t ventured into.

In terms of our product line, we are putting a lot more into analytics. We are also investing heavily in cloud. The unique position of Tableau is we also offer hydrogenous cloud setup to customers by ensuring high level of data security and accessibility.

CXOToday: What are your new offerings slated for the launch in 2017?

Deepak Ghodke: We unveiled our product roadmap for next three years during the Keynote at TC 2016 featuring next-gen innovations – in-memory data engine with Hyper, Project Maestro, self-service data prep tool among other smart recommendations and collaborations. We are giving a lot of thrust on Tableau desktop, server, SaaS for Tableau online. Apart from that we are also focusing on HyPer, data engine replacement for Tableau. The beta for HyPer has already started in early 2017, whereas, Tableau for Linux will be available in 2017. Project Maestro, which is a self-service data-preparation tool, is slated for the roll out in the upcoming months.

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